Are an interactive sessions, often taking a full day or more, in which clients, researchers and/or other participants such as customers work intensively on an issue or question

Applied Improv213 Workshop

Specialized workshops based on any of the topics: teamwork and trust building, communication skills, creativity training, presentation skills, dealing with fear, uncertainty and changes, positive and supportive work environment, leadership training.

We Meet Your Objectives

We work closely with you to create and customize a workshop or team building that fits your team’s goals and needs. We send you suggestions, recommendations and sample contents well in advance in order to tailor a workshop that meets your expectations.

We Fit Your Schedule

Our customized workshops and team building are flexible in duration and time! Whether you are looking for a week-long program of team building and skills development, a one-day workshop or a series of two hour classes, we'll work with you to meet your goals.

We Come to You (or Go Anywhere With You)

Choose to have the workshops in your company or off-site; whichever suits you best. We will work with you to find a venue that suits your budget and preference.

We Fit Your Budget

No business is too small for us! We deliver the same high quality and fully tailored workshops and team building to small and large companies. Our expert team will put together a solution which meets your objectives and yet friendly to your wallet.

We Love What We Do

Not only is our trainer experienced and skilled, but also passionate about the art of improvisation. We believe that improv has the power to transform your life for the better. Many fortune 500 companies have discovered the benefits of improv at the workplace and some even established their own in-house applied improv trainings.